Meet Peter Russo, Teacher

Peter Russo is a High School teacher. He is currently teaching AP Government and AP Human Geography at Istrouma High School in Baton Rouge, LA.

Early Life

Peter Russo

Born and raised in New Orleans, Peter developed a love of reading and exploration at a young age. His dedication to mastering any interest led him to an incredibly successful academic career, winning various awards and scholarships for his work. While attending Louisiana State University for his undergraduate degree in French Studies and International Studies, Peter received LSU Chancellor’s Leadership Scholarship (2005) and LSU French Department Undine Livaudais Fitzgerald Scholarship (2006). During his undergraduate career, Peter was also a member of the LSU Tiger Marching Band.


Upon graduation, Peter Russo continued his schooling at the University of New Orleans for a Masters of Arts in Political Science with concentrations in International Relations, Comparative Politics, and Women’s Issues. During this time, Peter was a member of the Political Science Graduate Student Association (PSGGSA) and Pi Sigma Alpha (National Political Science Honor Society), as well as a Columnist and News Editor at the University’s Driftwood Newspaper.

Peter went on to teach English to summer school students in New Orleans, write for Times Picayune as a Sports Columnist, and teach Civics, Contemporary Issues, A.P World History, A.P Euopean History, and DE Western Civilization at Louisiana.

In February 2019, Peter Russo was the proud recipient of the 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year Award presented by the East Baton Rouge Parish. Having undergone an extensive application process, Peter also ranks highly among the top teachers in the entire district. Every year the Louisiana Department of Education recognizes teachers, principals, and school leaders that play an instrumental role in the success of their students. In partnership with Dream Teachers as well as the Louisiana Association of principals, they seek to highlight some of the states most celebrated educators. The program is highly competitive, and the selected winners must exemplify Louisiana’s vision for teaching and academic success.

Currently, in addition to teaching at Istrouma High School, Peter is also the History Club Moderator. In this role, he is assisting with the Voices of a People’s History, a national program to be performed at Baton Rouge Community college Arts Fest (April 2019), highlighting readings from oppressed and marginalized groups throughout American history. Peter is also attending Louisiana State University for his second Master’s degree.

Recently, Peter Russo collaborated with Cornell University to create a day-long service-learning, community-building experience with Istrouma High School students. Cornell Professor Dr. Bryan Duff and 12 undergraduate students connected with junior students from Istrouma High to discuss life after high school, post-secondary education, and the future.  Together, the group designed a mural to represent political awareness and activism, using aspects to represent the Respect My Vote project, the Amplifier Foundation, and a quote from Rev. Dr. William J. Barber.

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